10 Science-Based Hacks to Improve Brain Functions

There is no secret formula for improving cognition and memory. According to science, there are a few strategies that are helpful in improving brain functions in adults and the young. By devoting an hour, a day to these techniques, you can achieve a healthy state of mind. You can get a major payoff by investing small time to daily hacks for sharpening your brain. 

  1. Healthy fats and Omega-3s: Many people begin their day with coffee as it contains healthy fats. A cup of coffee results in productive afternoons and mornings. The dopamine levels are kept active in the brain with fatty acids of Omega-3s, which also increases the circulation in cerebral. 
  2. Avoid artificial sweeteners and processed sugar: Mornings started with sugar are often started productively but ends with a drowse. People feel exhausted soon because the energy obtained from the sugar fades quickly. The artificial sweeteners tend to unable the normal functions of the brain and sometimes can lead to neuron degeneration. The person gets addictive with sugar and stands in a constant need for sugar in coffee or tea. 
  3. Think affirmatively: Positive thoughts affect our life and future. It influences the positive behaviour and personal well-being. The thoughts don’t come automatically and it is the process which has to be practised daily for optimising positively in life. 
  4. Regular exercise: Problem-solving and building new ideas is easy with an endorphin rush. Physical exercises are practised by many mental athletes and they swear by the physical exercises. Regular exercising helps in diverting mind towards positive direction. 
  5. Practice meditation: In the business world, mental clarity is very essential. To become a successful entrepreneur meditation is helpful in increasing productivity. You can reduce anxiety and improve the functions of the brain by increasing the cognitive functions and self-esteem functions. The ability of the brain to focus on different activities increases. 
  6. Vitamin D: Long term benefits can be achieved by spending time in the sun. Brain health can be improved by gaining vitamin D. In the central nervous system and spinal cord there are receptors for vitamin D which help in relaxation of mind and maintain affirmative mindset. By spending 20 minutes in sun, your brain can get benefits. 
  7. Visualization: Playing the piano is an exercise of visualisation and it helps in mental training. This helps in building positive impact on brain and one should take it seriously for success. 
  8. Eradicate negativity: The best way to remove stress is to reverse the source of the disturbance. The environment plays an important role in building good health of brain. In negative and unhealthy environment, people often get negative impact. By changing your environment, you will feel a positive change in thinking. 
  9. Enough sleep: For healthy body as well as healthy mind, getting plenty of sleep is very important. The sleepless schedules are common among students. There are options like assignment help if you are a student and know the importance of getting plenty of sleep. For high functioning of the brain, sleep is imperative. 
  10. Quit bad habits: Smoking and drinking alcohol affect the brain functions adversely. The people who don’t smoke and drink, are found with normally better brain functioning than smokers and drinkers.

The above-given hacks are scientifically proven and can be very helpful if followed seriously. 

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