7 of the Most Stylish Curtain Ideas to Outfit Your Bedroom Windows

A good night’s sleep plays a very important role in a person’s health and sanity, making every bedroom an essential part of the house. Bedrooms are the heart of our home ‒ a personal space where we can spend time with ourselves, have some rest after a long busy day, and regain our energy for a brighter tomorrow. 

For once, our bedroom deserves some furnishing that will make us feel more comfortable and relaxed. When it comes to bedroom designs, curtains are one of the best accessories to pull a room together. From light, sheer fabric to luxurious velvet, our collection of curtain ideas is sure to help you elevate your boudoirs.   

Play with neutral hues.

Neutral colours can always add a dreamy effect and relaxing vibe to all interiors. While treating curtains to a bay window can be a bit tricky, we love the idea of how these window panes are installed with three separate rods that connect to one another, creating a vision of a single curtain rod. Something else to love about the curtain is its two-tone pattern that perfectly fits a room with high ceilings that draw these curtains down and make them look richer.

Stay golden. 

Gold furnishings are always meant to add elegance and richness to different home interiors. This velvet curtain with a dramatic, curved valance is something that we would often see in fashion 70s, making this curtain an excellent choice if you’re after elegance with a touch of timeless vintage feels.

Dreamy in Creamy Colours

A creamy interior design makes a great sense to furnish your bedroom if you want something that is neither too bright nor too dim. The theme of this bedroom tries to combine a royal mid-century and a touch of contemporary design that highlights the homeliness and simplicity of cream curtains. Whoever sleeps in this dreamy room is just so lucky, we could already envy this person.  

Embrace patterns.

Playing with patterns is one of the best ways to jazz up a plain, boring room. You’ll love it when the designer tries to balance the one-sided sheer and the greeneries next to it, promoting a very artsy-craftsy theme that simply reveals the nature and character of the person sleeping in it.


The unspoken rule for curtain designs would usually attempt to complement the room’s theme, just like what the room above is trying to achieve. The designer made the right decision to keep an overpowering tone and a light shade together, balancing the overall tone and feel inside the room. But that is not the case here. The velvet curtains are made to match the patterns and shades of the pillows, which for me is a pretty awesome idea. You can always match colours to establish a visible theme but don’t be afraid to experiment with different tones as well.    

Add some drama.

There is so much drama going on in this bedroom as the designer has tried to make an experiment by dragging the long curtains down the floor to come up with a more dramatic effect. You’d also love to add furnishings that complement with the theme like a vintage wall mirror, lampshade, or greenery, for example. The faux fur rug also provides a great furnishing as it follows the overall theme. 

Tall and Three-Tiered

For uneven windows, here’s a swish, swish set of tall and three-tiered sheers that are connected from side to side despite the intention to feature window panes and curtain rods at different levels. This works best for white, dreamy sheers that are relatively volatile and slender, giving a natural light that beautifully bounces off of the hardwood flooring.  

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