7 Ways to Turn Regular Clothes into Maternity Fashion

Expecting? It comes with a lot of excitement. And along with that excitement comes some discomfort with the regular clothes which mommies-to-be have. The first notion is to overspend on clothes to get your hands on some comfy pieces because you deserve it! But if you give it a thought, those loose clothes are going to be useless when the baby finally arrives.

It’s only wise not to overspend on maternity wear and try some DIY ideas to fit in the clothes you already have. If you must, spend on semi formal dresses, which you will essentially need whenever you have to attend a party in those 9 months. For casual wear, we will give you some nifty hacks and tricks to have plenty of clothing options.

7 Ideas to Transform Your Regular Clothes to Maternity Wear

  1. Adding a Top Button to the Sweaters.
  2. Tie up the T-shirts.
  3. Hoist Up the Jersey Pencil Skirts.
  4. Use Hair Ties and belly Bands.
  5. Befriend Tunic Shirts.
  6. Crop Those Tops.
  7. Style up Simple Maternity Dresses.

Adding a Top Button to the Sweaters

Do you have old sweaters, which you hardly wear? Before you plan to dump them all, we have a better idea for them. Instead of clogging your closet, it’s time to up cycle them for your pregnancy days. One DIY hack is to cut your sweaters down from the middle and then sew the hems along both sides. Sew a large button and adjust it by making a buttonhole. It’s easy and you will love the results. You will have plenty of sweaters to layer your cute growing baby bump.

Tie up the T-shirts

If you want to look graceful in your pregnancy, become a layering pro! Begin with basic maternity tees and then put on a button-down shirt or another T-shirt that’s too tight. You can roll up the tighter one over the belly to reveal the other tee. This color blocking and layering will create an illusion of a waistline.

You can also style up this whole look with a ruched maternity patterned skirt. Browse online to get hold of some great designs.

Hoist Up the Jersey Pencil Skirts

We all love pencil skirts. They are stylish and super flattering. Don’t ditch them in your pregnancy days. If you have skirts in jersey material or any stretchy fabric, now is the time to flaunt them. You can easily pull them up over your bulging belly. You have plenty of styling options too. Make it look fabulous by adding a brooch and a fitted shirt. You just need to know the right hacks to look classy!

Use Hair Ties and Belly Bands

If you have been pregnant before, you already know that jeans are the first clothing item to leave your maternity wardrobe. Just when your belly starts busting at the seams, you don’t feel like wearing them anymore. But we have some clever fixes o suggest. If the bump is still teeny, use rubber hair ties to button the jeans. You can loop it through the buttonholes and it will function as mini-extender. As the bump grows bigger and rounder, switch to belly bands to keep your unzipped and unbuttoned jeans in place.

Befriend Tunic Shirts

If there’s a category of dresses that fits the entire pregnancy period, that’s tunics. Get your hands on some of these pregnancy-friendly tunics and pair them up with stretchy leggings. To pull off a sweet look, add ballerina slippers. To keep your leggings in place, you can again use belly bands.

Crop Those Tops

Now that you are preggo, you don’t need to ditch all your crop tops. Take advantage of the layering tip we discussed earlier and add color to your styling options. For a sporty look, wear those crop tops with a solid white or a black tank top. It will look trendy and chic.

Style up Simple Maternity Dresses

You can use all your loose dresses and skirts in your pregnancy. You just need to know how to wear them stylishly. If your skirts have elastic bands, you can wear them till your delivery date! You just need to be creative with the styling options. Add blazers to give a nice definition to your shoulders. You can also put on a cardigan with those skirts or dresses. Add flared printed pants with your button-down shirts to look fabulous.

Happy dressing!

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