Amazing Facts you may not know about Flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts given by nature. As we all know, people use flowers for many reasons. People use flowers to express emotions like love, care, and fidelity. Their beauty, fragrance, and bright colors are enough to make a person smile. People also like to order flowers online in Delhi on every occasion for giving to their loved ones and express them their love and care. Moreover, some flowers and plants have some medicinal value, which makes them more beneficial for human beings. Flowers have charmed us with their beauty and beautiful aroma. But flowers hold some fantastic features that all of us are unaware of. Here are some fascinating facts about flowers that we can see around us usually.

Roses are Related to Fruits & Almonds

Do you guys know roses have a relation with almonds, and fruits such as apples, peaches, plums, and pears?  Rose hips are a seed fruit in roses and are used to prepare teas or jellies because they contain Vitamin C.

Lotus used for burial rituals

Lotus signifies the charm with its perfect color. But you may not know about these exciting facts about this flower. It was considered as the holy flower by the Egyptians in the earlier days, and they used these flowers for performing rituals at a funeral. This flower represents the beauty of nature in the best way every time on blooming; it starts floating on water.

Tulip valuable than gold

Tulips belong to the family Liliaceae and North Africa. They were introduced to Europe during the period of the 1500s and immediately became a sort of a nature favorite, especially among the Dutch. In earlier times, a single tulip’s cost was more than the yearly wage of a skilled artist. There has never been a flower that has set such an economic uproar as the tulip. You will surely be surprised when you will know about the importance of tulip. In ancient times, tulips were considered to be more valuable than precious metals like gold or silver.

Broccoli is a Flower

Do you know that broccoli is a flower, but the florist does not display it in their floral arrangement? But In fact, it is a flower. The reason is that it is collected before it blooms like a flower and is sold in the market as a green vegetable. But nowadays, we have started using broccoli in floral arrangements.

Sunflower Save Lives

This flower is known for its beauty and charm. It has also been very helpful for saving the lives of people with its capability to clean up water pollution. They can absorb 95% of the pollutants from the water.

Chrysanthemum considered as an Unlucky flower

Many countries connect chrysanthemums with death and hence it has been used for funerals. The Maltese in Europe also use the chrysanthemums for funerals. This is why they don’t keep these flowers inside their houses because they think the flower as an unlucky symbol.

Moon Flower

These flowers bloom only at night and close during the day. They have large 3 to 4 inch aromatic, pink, or white blooms on twining plants. This flower blooms in the evening and lasts the whole night until it comes into contact with the morning sunshine.


Blue cohosh is known as papoose root used by Native American women to ensure natural kid’s birth. There is also an unrelated but similar flower named black cohosh, which has estrogenic and abortifacient qualities. It is often mixed with blue cohosh to terminate a pregnancy.

We hope you guys like these exciting facts about flowers. On the other hand, flowers are always the best gift for your loved ones and perfectly express your sincere feelings. So, if you want to convey your love, you can send flowers to Mumbai and show them how much you love and care. You can also give flowers on any occasion to express your concern and gratitude.

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