Assam Tea Vs Darjeeling Tea: Know the difference

With three major regions in the country producing tea India is one of the largest producers of tea in the world. The three regions are; Nilgiris, Darjeeling, and Assam. Many of us have been a part of the debate on which tea is better. Therefore, this write-up has a breakdown explaining properly about both the teas. 4% of the nation’s income comes from the production of tea. Indian tea leaves are loved across the globe.

Tea-a super drink is quite vividly used globally. Initially, it was used as a medicinal drink. It has become the most refreshing drink people have been consuming for long. It is also known as the coffee of the 21st century.

During the East India Company, tea was first cultivated in Assam due to the addiction and intervention of the British which was earlier imported from China. Both Assam tea and Darjeeling tea are produced in India(West Bengal) and thus have derived their names. These two varieties of tea are the most expensive tea that you will find in the market. These are the finest quality of tea. In this write-up, we will discuss how different these two are from one another. These two regions are adjacent to each other geographically but there is a variation in climate and the method of cultivation.

The profound love and joy of consuming tea by the tea lovers have led to several tea cafes and tea bars in different regions. The value of tea is growing rapidly in each part of the world and most of them prefer having the finest quality of tea. When it is said the finest quality tea, only things that strike our mind is the tea garden of Darjeeling and Assam. They are classified based on their plantation-style, processing, aroma, and flavor. Here, you will get a clear idea of Assam Tea and Darjeeling tea.

Assam and Darjeeling both produce Black Tea. It is derived from the same tea plant and this is where the similarity ends. The question as to which is better has been in the mind of many and thus this write-up is here to help you understand better.

Listed below are the difference between Assam tea and Darjeeling Tea:


In Assam, the tea growing regions are the lowlands whereas in Darjeeling the tea growing regions are located in the foothills of Himalayas. Talking about the Darjeeling tea the altitude where it grows plays a very important role in its structure and flavoring. The clayey and rich soil along the Brahmaputra river valley coupled with the climate here makes Assam and ideal place for tea production. Since the climate here is ideal for tea plantation, 600 million kg from a total of 900 million kg of tea produced in our country come from here.


The hue of Darjeeling tea is light greenish. Sometimes it is a light golden color as compared to the Assam Tea and it is dark brown color. Some customers prefer tea based on its color.


As compared to Assam tea Darjeeling tea is slightly spicier. If you want to get the best taste of Darjeeling tea you are advised to sip it without sugar or milk. The tea board of India has described Darjeeling tea as having a flavor like a delicate muscatel and thus the tea is referred to as the champagne of teas. On the other hand, talking about Assam tea it tastes the best with sugar and milk. If compare with Darjeeling tea, Assam tea is generally strong and has an earthy and a nutty nuance to it.


As per the tea board of India, the Darjeeling tea leaves are smaller than Assam tea. The Darjeeling tea leaves have fine hair on the underside which is lost while drying them.


Assam tea grows round the year and as compared to Darjeeling tea it is easier to grow. It makes the brands easier to involve in production. The area of tea production in Assam is larger in the area as compared to Darjeeling. Even in four growing periods, it produces small loads.


Considering the difficulties associated with the production and they are produced in small quantities. So, Darjeeling tea is expensive than Assam tea. It is believed that Darjeeling tea is of higher quality, aroma, taste, and flavor thus, it falls on people’s preference. If you are fond of drinking authentic good old chai then you will love Assam tea more than the Darjeeling tea.

Harvesting time and season:

Talking about the Assam tea it has two seasons of harvest known as first flush and second flush. The first flush takes place in March and it has fresh flowery fragrance. The infusion that you get is golden yellow. The second flush takes place in June and it is also known as tippy tea. Since it has a golden tip, it is the best quality tea. It gives deep brown infusion. Whereas, the Darjeeling tea has four seasons of harvest. The first flush takes place in the month of March to April. The tender new shoots known as buds are plucked in the first flush. The second flush takes place in May and June. Fruity and more mature tea leaves are plucked. The monsoon flush comes in September and produces a strong tea which has got a deep brown color. An autumn flush comes in October and November. It produces fruity flavor and strong tea.        

With this, the very informative write-up comes to an end. So, next time you will not be confused about which one to buy Assam tea or Darjeeling tea. This write up will make your choice easier. Next time while buying tea you can be more proud as you have enough knowledge about tea.

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