Cell Phone Repair – Water Damage Rescue Step by Step Guide

Water damage? Oh yes, the word itself is a nightmare. The world around you comes to a standstill immediately when your smartphone slips out of your hand and into the pool or the toilet. That feeling of skipping a heartbeat when you realize while enjoying in the pool that you left your phone in the pocket. After all mobile phones are an asset in the present world and a high-tech device on which our lives are mostly dependent on, worth several hundred dollars, will become useless. The imagination itself suddenly stops your mind from thinking. 

There have been many waterproof phones being released, but then eventually they are electronic devices. The longer the mobile phones stay in contact with water, the lesser are the chances of recovery.

The best way to prevent water damage is to take precautions beforehand like using a case or a waterproof cover. It might not completely protect your phone against water damage but can reduce the impact. But what if it is too late now? We come across so many inquiries regarding iPhone 6 screen replacement, Samsung s8 screen repair, battery replacement as a result of accidents due to water damage.

What should you not do in case you dropped your smartphone in water:

  • Do not turn on your mobile phone. Electronic devices do not get along with water well.
  • Don’t connect it with the charger or power supply. 
  • Avoid pressing any keys as this might lead to the pressure push the water further into the damaged phone.
  • Do not blow into the device or shake the device vigorously due to the same reason mentioned in the point above.
  • Do not use blow driers or try heating the device. Excessive heat can damage the electronic components and it is not a safe practice to do so.
  • Do not move around the phone much, you do not want the water to spread along with the other components.

What all you can do:

  • Remove the phone from the water body. The longer it stays in contact with water, the more the damage incurred.
  • Switch off the phone immediately. There can be chances of a short circuit in case the phone is kept on.
  • Disassemble the phone. Do not misunderstand this step as tearing the phone apart. Try to remove all user-removable parts like the SIM card tray, SD card, back cover. The battery in a case where it is removable. This would help the drying of the phone faster.
  • Dry the exterior components with a paper towel. Do not move around the phone much but try drying out as much as you can.
  • Leave the phone to dry out for some amount of time. Just leave the phone on top of a counter or a table. It is a common notion to lock the phone in a plastic bag and place it in a container of rice. A better option is to use silica gel packs easily available in shoe boxes, or the parcels we receive from online shopping.

Once you are done with the above steps, assemble your phone and turn it on. If it works, well and good. Do test the earphone jacks and power supply ports. The after-effects can occur on a course of 2 – 4 days.

If you still face issues, it is time to approach a reliable mobile phone repair center and hand over your device in the custody of experts.

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