China to India Shipping Services avail online now with Trukky

In the past sending goods from India to China was an extremely tough task. One it was costly and the other was that finding a reliable shipping company was not easy. But now with Trukky making a foray into this, things have simplified a lot.

Trukky has made an entry into International territory by offering superb China to India shipping services. It offers door to door Shipping Freight and cargo Service from China to India at affordable rates. Trukky is now on way to become a well-known International Shipping company. All you need to do is select the carrier, fill your dates and check the availability. It has become so simple.

Why choose Trukky to send goods?

The aim at Trukky transport services is to offer complete satisfaction and peace of mind to the companies who are seeking transport and freight services. Trukky is in fact one of the leading web and app based transport Services platform. Which ensures fast as well as prompt delivery of goods across hundreds of destinations in India and now even China. You can choose full truck, part truck or even door to door parcel service as per your need. You have to submit the pickup, drop and dimensions of your cargo and your job is done. The company boasts of finest fleet of carriers which are passed through rigorous quality check every now and then. The truck drivers are fully trained and are selected after thorough background check. They are cognizant of all key routes so you need not worry about the safety and security of the parcels. To add to the safety feature, all trucks are fitted with GPS trackers. This allows you to know real time location of your goods.

Timely service 

With Trukky you can be sure of timely service. In case there is any kind of delay in delivery of your parcels due to any kind of unforeseen circumstances it will be intimidated to you prior so that you can make suitable arrangements. The main goal is to offer superb services at affordable rates so that the client has a lot of advantages. You must check out past clients to be sure of the company. With Trukky you can be certain that you are in safe hands and your goods will be delivered at the right place at the right time without any kind of hassle. They even offer insurance of your cargo so that financial loss suffered by you due to any kind of problem is taken care of.

Trukky has bought in a revolution of sorts in trucking business. Truck transport was highly unorganized and inefficient in the past. But with Trukky things have taken a turn for good and customers swear by the efficiency and professionalism they offer. Payment system is also extremely easy as you can choose whatever medium is comfortable to you in order to make payment for the services which you hire. You can even opt for Express Cargo services.

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