Different Ways to Sell Products on Instagram

Instagram has become an engine of business around the world.At over a billion users, Instagram is the new home of brands that want to have a social impact.

What you’ll need to sell product on Instagram

When we creating a shop on Instagram it may be very little complex than simply entering a product name, description and link. 

Before we start anything, Firstly we have to follow the below steps:

  1. An Instagram business accounts
  2. A business page
  3. An active shop on your business page

The focus on bright, high-quality visuals makes it the perfect place to highlight products— and now it’s also the place to shop. Click here to know about Instagram accounts.

Sixty percent of users (600 million people) on Instagram are looking for and discovering new items. But with Instagram Shopping launch in February 2018, brands can tag items in posts and stories directly and send customers directly to the item they want to purchase. With a new checkout feature launched in early 2019, users don’t even have to leave Instagram to buy many of the items they discover there.

  • You can learn how to set up Instagram shopping to drive the sale and connect with customers
  • How to optimize your shopping posts for maximum engagement and
  • How to set up your Instagram shopping stories.

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Millions of Instagram users click every month to reveal product tags in shopping stories. It’s time to get started if you are not selling products on this network yet. Before you can start selling products on Instagram, there are a few steps you need to take.


Get approved as a professional / Business account because only professional accounts can sell products on Instagram. You can sell physical items that comply with distributor agreement and trade policy.


Using “Shopify” or “Big Commerce” you can set up your products catalog on and then you can tag into your Instagram posts and stories.


Wait for Instagram to review your account and approve it for shopping. It may take a couple of days to approve. Once you have been accepted, you will receive an Instagram notification. From there, you can start adding products to your posts and stories.

Such posts encourage users to click on the items you “tagged” in an image to go to the product page where they can buy.

Optimize Your Instagram Posts

Instagram always encourages businesses seeking to create ways of engagement. It offers a great opportunity for brands to optimize their visibility and connect with their customers and prospects.

Here are some ways to optimize and increase engagement with your Instagram posts.

  • Focus on high-quality photos and upload very attractive images and delight.
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Use photo editing tools and apps
  • Tag the people those who follow you and those who don’t
  • Engage with your followers and answer their comments and make them know that you appreciate them.
  • Get a partnership with an influencer who can support your brand’s value.

How to Set up Instagram Shopping Stories

Stories allow users to create a sequential content stream that will disappear within twenty-four hours of posting. The content of the stories can be either static images or videos.

When you see a sticker with an icon of the shopping bag on Instagram stories, tap it to see more information about the brands.

Open Instagram Stories and choose from your gallery a photo or video, or take a new one. Tap the Stickers button and select the Stickers for your brand. You would be able to select a brand from within your catalog from there.

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