Fashion Handbags Buying Tips: The Top Eleven Styles

Fashion handbags have been an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe for ages. Trends generally come and go but handbags are there to stay in the fashion industry. These are astounding accessories cherished for the style as well as the usability. They have turned out to be elegant necessities over time.

Handbags are used for fashion articulation and impact the overall look of an outfit. The bags are available in numerous styles, shapes, and sizes. With some effort, you can find a perfectly suitable bag for your needs on the upcoming occasions.

It is imperative to understand the top 11 styles of women handbags before buying wholesale handbags in the USA. Let us get into some astounding styles cherished by the ladies all over the world.

Top 11 Styles

  • Backpacks

Originally designed for the students and climbers, backpacks are highly popular in women. They are also known as rucksacks, packsacks, and knapsacks.

 As the name suggests this bag can be easily carried onto the back. There are generally two straps that go over the shoulders. They can be made up of leather, nylon or cloth. They are very convenient to carry as they provide freedom of hands.

  • Clutches

A small rectangular bag designed to be held in the hand is called a clutch. It comes without any handles or straps. They have also carried underarms.

A clutch is most commonly used with formal party wears. It is designed to carry the essentials. Clutches can keep your money, cell phones, credit cards and keys.

  • Tote Bags

Tote bags are the most popular for casual wear. It is generally made up of leather, treated canvas, or nylon. The top is mostly open. Some designs have zips and buttons to close the opening. Two straps or handles are attached to carry the bag on the shoulder.

It can carry a huge number of items and is very popular for its functionality. Tote bags can be found in numerous colors and designs suiting your taste and needs. Probe into women handbags wholesale market in the USA for perfect picks.

  • Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are in fashion since the 17th century and still quite popular among masses. These bags have a slouchy posture with crescent moon shape. They are available in various sizes and designs.

Hobo bags are generally made up of soft materials to impart the slouched posture. They have a large strap that can be comfortably worn over the shoulder. Some bags are designed to fit for parties and events.

 In the eastern part of the world, bridals wear small hobo bags matching their outfits on their wrists.

  • Satchel

Satchel is a perfect fit for working women. It is generally made up of leather or sturdy canvas for carrying daily essentials. It generally has a strap covering the opening of the bag. The length of the strap is mid-waist. They can be used to carry a laptop and other personal use gadgets.

  • Cross-Body Bags

Another popular style is the sling body or crossbody bag. The bag has a long strap that is worn on one shoulder or across the body. It is featured with a rectangular body and a large flap.

These bags hang on the back or the opposite hip of the wearer. They are made up of leather, Rexene, canvas, cloth or nylon.

  • Shoulder Bag

The term shoulder bag is used for all the styles worn over the shoulder. The totes, hobos, sling bags and satchels are all considered as shoulder bags. They are divided into components to enable easy organization of your daily stuff.

Various brands make variants of shoulder bags as they are most functional. Women tend to carry all the necessary stuff in their bags and shoulder bags allow them to do this in style.

  • Minaudiere

Let us dive into some fancy stuff. The minaudiere is a fancier version of the clutch. Minaudiere, as the name suggests, oozes grandeur. It is encrusted with pearls, gems, and colored stones. These bags are perfect for special events like weddings, high-end evening parties, and cocktail parties. 

When you are investing your money in Minaudiere, be very careful of the quality of gems and the hooks holding them. The scammers can trick you into astoundingly high prices for these clutches with false accessories.

  • Beach Bags

When the customer demands a bag to go on a vacation and pools, hand over the beach bags. They are made up of canvas, straw or jute. It is large and can hold nearly all of the essentials. Beach bags are suitable to carry bottles and food containers to the beach. It protects against water.

  • Wristlets

Wristlets are designed to be carried on the wrists. They are small in size and the handle is only suitable to be carried onto the wrist or between fingers. It is a bit larger than a wallet and is fit to carry credit cards, keys, phone, and cash.

  • Wallets

Some ladies keep wallets in their hands where others like to keep it in their bags. It is considered an essential of a lady’s bag. A wallet is featured by rectangular shapes and compartments to carry various cards, cash, and coins. Some of the wallets have a mobile holding pocket.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Fashion Bags

  1. When you are trying to connect with wholesale dealers, look for quality handbags. Once you have found the right suppliers, it is easy to run the business.
  2. Check the affordability of the distributor. It is suggested to ask for estimates from at least three distributors in the USA.
  3. Check the online reputation and don’t hesitate to get some references. Social media and review sites are excellent platforms to connect the customers with distributors. You can read reviews from other customers.
  4. It is better to discuss the shipping techniques implied by the wholesale handbag distributors.
  5. Every distributor does not provide guarantees. Thoroughly check the policy of a wholesale distributor before placing your order.

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