HANG OUT AT HOME: 7 Stylish Indoor Swing Designs for Your House

The playground is an area filled with fun memories with friends and with crying because of playmate fights. It’s a place where you will keep being and feeling young. It could be a bit nostalgic now because you can no longer run around and ride those playground rides like you used to, but that’s because you’re a grown-up adult now.

What’s simply amazing today is that many things in your home today have been inspired by stuff from your childhood. Some could be inspired by the playground! 

There are chairs and sofa beds for homes which are the usual kinds but with a twist. They are made as swings! Yes, they are just like the swings you still see in playgrounds, but of course, they are made for home use, and not primarily for playing. 

Indoor swings are really interesting and unique. They make a house look elegant. There are numerous looks, designs and materials out there, and here are 7 stylish ideas you can look into:


Source – TheContractChair 

One of the most common styles is this one. It’s a round wooden swing chair with a stand to carry and support it. It looks really neat and is perfect for area with plants since it blends well with the nature vibe.

It is necessary that you put thick comforter blanket or sheets and a thick pillow, because as you can see, this specific design has horizontal spaces like a wooden window, and if you do not put such, your skin will hurt and have marks on it. 

What’s beneficial with those spaces is that this chair makes your stay in it more refreshing because air can pass through. That implies even if you just open the window and close the fans at home, you can feel the air coming from outside and from the back of your swing chair.


Source – OddGifts – indoorswing_hangingcacoon

This design is an eye-catcher! It looks like a tent you use for camping, seriously! You are very secure when you sleep in here, and it really is ideal if you’re not sleeping in your room. If ever there are guests, you can let them sleep in here if they would like to experience it. 

You can sleep quietly since the front part is the only area open, meaning you will not be distracted by those who could be at the back. They will not know immediately too if you’re there sleeping. This swing is absolutely spacious, so you can put large sheets and blankets. 

Its protective design shields you from light and too much coldness. Men will be able to get this for themselves too, especially if they live alone. Aside from its single color, its style is also much simpler than others. It’s for unisex too, so men won’t need to have a hard time choosing from chairs that do not suit them.


Source – – Kelly Hopen – indoor swing_bubble

It looks a bit similar to the first one, but this is a transparent bubble chair. As you can see, the difference with this is that there is no stand anymore. It just hangs on the horizontal tube. You should consult your interior designer for this also to know the tough materials to use since it’s part of the factors for custom home design.

One advantage of this style is that it makes the place look even more sophisticated. It can actually fit any theme and color easily. You can see around it because of the transparent design. The pillows and sheets must be numbered well because there is only a certain capacity for stuff as well. It’s better to be minimalist in this design because the swing itself is less ornamented compared to others.

Design 4: SWING IN TWO 

Source – Alibaba

You might no longer need to go to a park for a swing date if you have this at home! It’s the two-seater version of the first design. Noticeably, this is mainly made with the purpose of having only two people use it, so if you have this, avoid overloading it, or it might get ruined! 

This is ideal for bonding moments! Furthermore, you don’t have to fight over who will use the swing first because you can both do so at the same time! 


Source – – TheSkunkSpot – indoor swing_laidbackhammock

Bigger than the previous picks, this laid-back hammock can accommodate two adults and an infant or a little kid. Depending on its size also, it might be able to carry three adults. This design is just so lovely, you can rest and unwind even when you’re not in your bedroom. 

Actually, if you don’t have a bedroom but a single room, you can get this laid-back hammock instead of a bed, specifically if you are living alone. If you have a bedroom, it’s alright as well since it won’t really matter even if you fall asleep here; it’s like a mini bed, that’s why. It can swing you to sleep!


Source – DecOMG

Take your sofa to the next level with this sofa swing! It’s a swing for your beautiful family to enjoy! Swinging while watching TV? Swinging while having a family discussion? Swinging in the house while talking to your friend over the phone? They are all possible! 

You just have to be a bit careful about swinging this sofa; since it’s big and heavy, you must control it well. Especially with the little kids, you need to supervise them to make sure they are safe. They might play too much and fall.

The family sofa swing is a blessing to parents who don’t have time yet to bring their little kiddos to the playground. The young ones can play indoors first and wait for their parents to take them outside.


Source – – Laura – indoorswing_boho

Going for fabulous stylishness? Get yourself a boho-styled hammock! It gives you a summer feel plus you can be very creative with it. Add your own style, or match it with your bedroom’s theme! It can take the beachy or the dreamy mood! This style is also best for photoshoot purposes. 

You can peacefully relax here, and it’s lighter than others, thus, it’s easy to swing!



Indoor swings are cool! They make your house look elegant, and it shows the creative and adventurous side of you. Putting one or more of it inside your home, you get a combination or relaxation and enjoyment. 

Bear in mind that you must ask expert advice from home designers and builders about your plans on having an indoor swing, so they can suggest the right materials and positions. Looks are good, but safety must always come first. Enjoy your indoor swing after everything’s fine!


For Nicole Ann Pore, as cliche as it sounds, there is no place like home. She believes that is not only a responsibility but also a privilege to create and take care of a house where home is built. Nicole writes on topics that reveal the essence of a nice home, as well as home care and improvement tips. She is a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of New South Wales’ most experienced home residential builders. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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