How do you register a trademark, such as a company name?

A trademark legally protects your brand’s identity and business, such as your company logo and name, and prevents it from misusing, reproducing, or using similar identity features without your permission. Also, it will protect your company name and logo, which others can easily confuse with yours. This can also lead to losing your business and customers. That is why it is essential to register a trademark and legally protect it and prevent any mishaps.

All the brand features and elements can be protected as the trademark, and it is illegal for others to copy it and use it. Such as your designed logo, which is on all your documents and website. Therefore you need to register your trademark formally, and if you don’t register a brand, you cannot do anything against a person who steals your efforts, customer, and branding.

Register a trademark in seven simple steps:

Step 1: hire a trademark lawyer

Although it is not compulsory to hire a trademark lawyer to register a logo, if you have no prior experience in documentation, then you should consider hiring one to get the job done. Your attorney will help you in many ways and allows you to avoid mistakes and eliminate any issues if he founds one.

Step no 2: specify your associated products or services and your MARK

Whichever country you are registering your trademark in, all of them have categories and subcategories which allow you to select one according to your business and company. Therefore always choose the right one so that the trademark examiner has no issues to rise.

Step no 3: trademark search

Although this step might look unimportant and you may think to skip it, but it is equally valuable for you. Before applying for trademark registration, you need to do a little research in trademark journals to check whether any company already registers the trademark you are considering to register or not. It may take your time and energy, but it is worth it. It allows you to distinguish the mark from others and eliminates any chances of copying others’ ideas.

Step 4: gather all the documents and fee:

Now once you have decided on the trademark and all the details, you need to do another thing, which is to gather all the documentation and fee required for it. To register your logo, you need to have all the documents as well as the details to prove this business is down by you and pay a fee for registration at the same time.

Step no 5: complete the application

When you want to apply for your trademark, you can do it through a lawyer, do it by yourself online or get an online portal to do it for you. Either way, you have to carefully fill in the application and submit it to register a trademark.

Step no 6: track status of your application

Just like many other legal processes, you need to wait for the registration process to complete and do a lot of waiting as well. Once you have applied, you can check its status after a few days, after it is added on the database.

Step no 7: stay focus on the deadlines and maintain your registration

When you apply for the trademark registration, your job is not done yet. You need to keep your deadlines depending on your case and check for any objections if any occur.

In the end, you will be successful getting your trademark certificate.

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