How is M.Tech a Good Choice

In the last year of your Btech degree most of us students start facing yet another conundrum of what to do next? There are many options after completing Btech, you may jump into the jobs bandwagon, you may start your own company, you may even go for higher studies.

Higher studies too has many options and the best in those various different fields is to pursue your chosen field of engineering for two more years in the form of an Mtech degree and gain a specialisation. This higher degree with the added technical skills make you a better candidate to hire from any company’s point of view.

Any Mtech college in India will list down their specialisation and present their good side on the website. Even your own college will most probably be such an Mtech college in India. Getting enrolled in Mtech will certainly open up your career scope as it deals in specialisations in specific engineering streams. You are allowed to opt for any of these specialisations that are related to your Btech degree as well as your own choice of further study.

Admission to any of the best Mtech college in India is based on merit in the graduation as well as a valid score in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) examinations which is an all India level examination. Students who have undertaken a masters degree in Science or Mathematics or Statistics or Computer Applications may also apply for an Mtech degree.

GATE scores are essentially required for admission to the IIT but many of the best Mtech college in India also expect you to pass this test. As expected, IITs dominate this list of the best Mtech college in India but the seats are limited. But there are other colleges too who provide quality education and have a good standing in the job market.

With an Mtech degree in hand after 2 years of intensive study in your chosen field, you open up your career prospects and are considered better than a person with just a Btech degree for the same position. With the Mtech degree, it will also become much easier for you to secure a much higher level job and a better salary which can only be possible after many years of hard working experience without such a degree.

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