How to avoid overpacking of luggage before you go on a trip?

Love for travelling is ubiquitous, whenever you get the chance you want to pack everything in the name of comfort. There are so many things to carry in your travel bag, and all are important. 

Many things that a traveler needs are – 

  • An extra pair of shoes
  • A big bunch of toiletry
  • Many clothes 
  • Hat, sunglasses
  • Tweezers and mini mirror
  • Belt
  • Rain jacket
  • The tech stuff – travel speakers, mobile charger, camera, headphones etc.

A long list of things takes its materialized form to find a place in your luggage. For sure, this can make your baggage heavy, in fact, very heavy. It is not wise to carry a burden with you when the ultimate aim of travelling is rejuvenation. 

To enjoy the real joy of going out, you need to pack your bags smartly. With the art of prioritization and a bit of rational approach, you need to do smart packing. 

Start with the list of items required

It is essential to do the tasks that include multiple things. Travelling is one of them. Make a list of each item you are planning to take on the trip. This brings in the notice if everything on the list is important or not. 

  • Make categories for instance  –
  • Clothes
  • Travel docs
  • Hygiene
  • Beauty
  • Electronics 
  • First aid etc.

The categorization is necessary to avoid the mess of bulk that is finally going to become a big burden. 

Take neutral pants and jeans that pair with any top and t-shirt

You love jeans, but why to carry three? Pick the one or two at the maximum with a neutral color and pair it with many tops and t-shirts in multiple colors that are easy and smooth to fold. Fold them in rolls, and they can fit beautifully in the corners of your bag. Do the same with everything. In place of taking two to three sunglasses, pick the most trendy that can match with every outfit? To carry less, you should pack the anti-stink clothes. 

Why to carry the crowd of electronics?                                                  

This applies to all but especially those who are technophiles and love to stay surrounded by technology. Never carry the electronics in abundance. From the camera to adapter, you need to be specific to avoid a mess on this aspect. Do not pack heavy and big things, for example, a big laptop. They usually have less use, but you carry them everywhere. No, not an advisable thing. 

Do not pack everything, find them at the local market near hotel 

 A swimming costume, hat, slippers to enjoy the seaside adventure, raincoat etc. can be purchased when you reach to the place. Usually, it is considered that shopkeepers take high prices from travelers. But not every time this happens. You may get just the opposite. 

Notably, small things do not show much impact on your finances. They are nominal on the part of the cost. Even a bearer of CCJ loans with no guarantor that takes fund from the direct lender can afford that despite the crisis. 

How much do you think a set of slippers can cost you? Not more than a few pennies. Isn’t it? Why pack them and make your baggage heavy. When you reach the destination, you can buy things from the local market. 

Are you going to pack your entire beauty routine? Don’t do that

Do not carry the full army of your beauty products. At home, you can use them with convenience; space is big. However, your travel bag may not digest all of them because the other things too are there to adjust. 

You may have the habit of using 8 to 10 different products as part of your daily beauty routine. On a trip, they all can be replaced with some smarter choices. Why carry shampoo and conditions separately? Isn’t it better to pick an option with the combo of both? 

Learn from the experience of the last trip 

Sometimes the right way of doing something is to get into the flashback and recall the previous experience. Last time when you went on a trip, the books that you packed in the luggage remained unattended. You did not read even a single book, or maybe a few pages got your attention on a sleepy night. 

This time, do not pack many books, take only one and that too if you think you are going to read that literally. 


Embrace the mix of experience and rational approach and stay focused on the actual aim that is enjoyment. While on a trip, you should try to collect memories. That can happen pleasantly only if you are not in severe back pain or shoulder pain due to heavy luggage. 

Stay lighter in what you carry, and surely happy experiences will find their way. 

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