How to Be in a Muslim country

This is so commonly used narrative that visiting a Muslim country can bring you in trouble or there is only terrorism and conservative mindset prevails. I at least could not see anything other than this regarding the Muslim countries or you can say the third world countries in the world. The question regarding this raised when I saw travelers visiting a Muslim country to celebrate their holidays in Morocco. Why celebrate holidays in a country which is conservative and an enemy of us?

From that very moment, I’m to disclose the closed facts about the wrong narratives. I intended to visit Morocco which was then very near and feasible for me to have an experiment. I flew for three hours from Heathrow airport to Marrakech.

My trip brought totally different experiments from Morocco:

It was pleasant, at least I can’t say it a bad one. This blog will help you understand where we people lose to understand. So let’s travel along with me to Morocco.

When I landed to Marrakech for fun:

It was mid-June when I landed in Marrakech international Airport. I, as a journalist and a traveler, wanted to explore Marrakech some other way. That is the reason I landed there in the month of festivals and charms. I remember my friend James was worried about my visit to Morocco,

I had listened from somewhere that Morocco is the world’s top unsafe country to visit, but he was wrong. I used to send him the videos and pictures on WhatsApp during my visit and he was convinced to visit Morocco next time with me.

As soon as I landed at the airport, the driver of the travel company was waiting for me to drop me to the hotel, which is called Riad there. He was so kind and welcoming. He guided me well about the norms of Morocco and how to adjust to those norms to get the right experience. That moment, I learned a new thing that, your understanding of the place matters.

If you are in the foreign culture, you have to adapt at least a little part of it to get your space in the locals. So the first lesson is that the traveler has to bridge the Cultural gap when on the foreign land to enjoy the holidays. Rott the proverb, “Do what Romans do when in Rome”.This will help you understand the other culture, in place of denying.

The Colorful Festivals in Morocco:

As I landed in Marrakech I came to know that Morocco is a land of delights, festivals and the charms in days of festivals. The festivals remain all year but more especially, it started in March when the travelers from the west visit Morocco to enjoy their vacations on the land of wonders.

I found a festival of Oasis in June to be part of. But there I came to know that there are so many festivals the city of Marrakech owes. The international film festival Marrakech Hosts in March if travelers are traveling in that month. The Madjazz festival is coming during my visit which I’m gonna be part of. I missed a chance to be part of the Arts Festival which held in April every year.

Other Festivals in Morocco:

After finishing in Marrakech, I had to head to Rabat for Timitar Festival there. I could gather the charms of musical event Agadir hosts every year. Now I’m thinking again, where is the conservative thought people were worried about? I’m in search of that conservatism. What else do you expect from a nation which hosts you with such festivals, delights, and foods?

The festival I missed in April in Marrakech was replaced by the event of Arts in Asilah, a Moroccan town. I also had taken the joys of the Mawazine festival in Rabat. Now I’m amazed and very well overwhelmed about my trip to Morocco which is infamous of the terrorism in the west. Our Media never discussed this face of the wonderous holiday destination Morocco.

The foods of Morocco welcomes you with great tastes:

That is never-ending fun during your trip to Morocco. You would take the best tastes of the North Africa region. What you will remember is to avoid the unhygienic street foods there.

The Lamb Tajine is a very famous and traditional dish in Morocco you will be introduced with. I’m sure you will need to take the taste again. My memories with the Tajine were the same. Fortunately, I learned to make Tajine and got the Tajine pot from Marrakech. I will now try to cook the Tajine same way the Moroccans cooks it, it takes time.

The sweet dish like Couscus inspired me well. It is also a tradition. Don’t forget to take the mint tea. I’m a good fan of the Moroccan green tea now.

That is the other way a Muslim country be explored by a journalist. You may disagree but it is recommended, first visit the place and then give your practical thoughts to us.

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