How To Choose The Best Laboratory Polypropylene Storage Cabinet?

The cabinets are manufactured using polypropylene are widely used in cleanrooms and labs. Polypropylene material is safe and stable. It is non-toxic. It provides structural strength and chemical stability. Therefore, it is the best material to produce cabinets for labs. 

Various sizes and colors

Polypropylene storage cabinets are available in various colors and sizes. They comply with international standards and the best storage medium for your lab needs. It is free from health hazards, irritation, and allergies. Therefore, you can use these storage cabinets with confidence in your lab.

It is suggested to select the right color, door lock, door style, shelf size and design for your lab. You need to check the dimensions of the cabinet. Select the right-sized cabinet and should perfectly meet the specification and space in a lab. 

You need to check quality of the material used in the polypropylene storage cabinet. It is also necessary to check the number of cabinets in the cabinet considering your storage needs. 


The glass window provides a see-through facility. You can choose the cabinet with a see-through window to easily identify the contents. It is better to select the cabinet with moving wheels for portability in a lab. The wheel mechanism should be good. The wheels should be made with good material and last longer.


It is advised to read the specifications before deciding to buy a polypropylene cabinet for your lab. Depth, width, and height of the cabinet are important when selecting a storage cabinet to suit the space in a lab. It should be SEFA 8 certified. The standing height storage cabinets last longer and manufactured using SEFA 8 compliant material. 

It is suggested to browse through the products catalog, read specifications, warranty and pricing information. It is also necessary to know about after-sales service when deciding to buy polypropylene storage cabinets. 

You should give importance to cabinets having quality hinges, doors, handling knobs on the doors apart from the dimensions. It should facilitate easy movement and removal. You can also select the wall mounting option to save space in a lab. It is necessary to fit such storage cabinets at a suitable height to fetch the items easily and use them in a lab. You should use strong holding clamps for such a wall-mounted cabinet to prevent falling and accidents. If your lab requires movement of people to pick up the items from a cabinet, you can choose to walk in cabinets. They should be chemically resistant and provide protection. 

You can also select suitable trays for your storage cabinets. The trays usually have a containment lip to prevent spills. The thickness of the tray is also important. Virgin polyethylene material is used to manufacture 3/16” thick lab spill trays. They are available in different colors and sizes. You can also select large capacity trays for your lab requirements. It facilitates storing more materials in a storage container. 


It is advised to get quotes from more than three suppliers that sell branded storage cabinets and compare the quotes. You need to read the sales services and credentials before deciding to place a purchase order. 

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