How To Make You’re This Lohri Special

Lohri is the festival of Punjab it’s come in the end of winter and it is new beginning of the year according to the hindu samvant. It is the festival of full of joy as all know that Punjabi celebrates all festival with full celebration. here are some of the tips which you can follow if it’s your first lohri to make it memorable for you.

Wear new cloth

As it are the festival and how a festival can go without a new dress. You can buy new traditional dress from As we have so much variety available for you, which you can buy and look different on this special occasion. You can wear trendy patiyala suit with phulkari dupatta and for men you can wear pathani suit. After wearing this pathani suit for sure you will look awesome as this trendy wear gives you the Punjabi look. And you can celebrate festival more lively after wearing the cloth according to that festival.

Fly a kite

You can also fly kite on this day with your friends call your friends and neighbors and make a competition in the sky. It is the main things which you can do to enjoy your day. You can also plan any gift who is the winner of your game this thing also give you a warm to win the sky race. 

Sarson da saag makki di roti

sarson da saag and makki di roti is the famous food of Punjab and Punjabi. On the occasion of lohri we can serve to our friend and relative the famous food over there. 

Light up a bonfire

This is the main which we need to do on this festival or you can say that this is the trend which is follow by all, and we need to move around to that fire and say the famous song which is “sundry mundri hoe”

Enjoy with your friends

You can also have party with your friends and dance with your friends. You can call the dhol or you can play it after connect with your music system.  Dance make all the occasion special when you dance with your partner and enjoy with your family this thing will be memorable.

Party with your friends

You can also have party with your friends and relative eat your favorite food and enjoy your day. You can also visit your relative home and gifts them and gifts them with sweets. This is festival of joy and pleasure which we can enjoy with our dear one.

Gifts your loved one

To make this festival special you can make happy by gifts your friends and your loved one. Gifts always make them feel happy and they feel special it’s a kind of memories for them which they can keep with them for their entire life.

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Author by : This blog is done by Chetna Sharma who is writing content from last 2 year and I love to celebrate festival with full of joy and happiness.

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