How to Protect your Vehicle from Heat with Paint

Heat resistant paints are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees. They are mostly used in commercial and industrial buildings that have metal surfaces where temperatures are high like chimneys, furnaces, incinerators, pipework in chemical processing plants, etc. They are also used in places like the fire hydrant assembly, dry riser inlets, water piping hoses, landing valves, process vessels and ships, 

They are also used for offshore environments like deep sea drilling, petrochemical plants, power stations and chemical plants as they have a high performance against humidity as well as provide anti corrosion protection against sea water, gas and petrol as well as many other chemicals. Many car manufacturing plants use them as automotive spray paint for the engine parts that tend to get heated easily.

Heat resistant paint India uses as fire retardant at times but that is not the case as they only do not react to the fire and contain the spread of flames but do not retard the flames in any manner. They are only surface coated paints like any other and do not protect the material in the event of a fire. 

Fire retardant paints give off an inert gas slowly that stops the spread of the fire. These heat resistant paint India uses are most commonly found in black and silver colours though some automotive spray paint companies also use white, red oxide, orange and grey coloured paints.

Their application method on various metal structures or surfaces is done by spray devices to give it that perfect finish and a proper laminar flow especially when the surface is to be used later to transport fluids like gases or liquids. Other industries however apply these paints with a more traditional brush or roller. 

Other than the industrial and automotive uses they are also found in our homes in the form of heat resistant paint on barbeques, kitchen exhaust pipes, boilers, fireplaces, etc. where they also provide protection against rust. So the next time you use any of these appliances at home, you may rest assured that the heat from the barbeque coal will not melt the metal grill in any way.

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