How to Remove QuickBooks Error Code 15101

If there’s one accounting software that helps reduce paperwork and bookkeeping, its QuickBooks. It offers exceptional features to manage finances and generate reports. Despite several benefits, the software often displays errors that affect the workflow.

A common error that users have been complaining a lot about these days is QuickBooks Error Code 15101. Commonly, this issue is faced while updating payroll or QuickBooks. In this blog, we’ll be providing some easy solutions for the same. We suggest you read them all carefully before using them on your own.

Easy Solutions for Fixing QuickBooks Error 15101

Related to the 15xx series of errors, QuickBooks error 15101 is the same as QuickBooks error 15241. However, the methods to fix these problems are completely different. Take a look at the following solutions to find out how: –

Method 1: Downloading the Digital Signature Certificate 

  • In the C drive of your system, look for the QBW32.exe file. It is usually found in Intuit Folder itself.
  • Right-click on the file and choose the Properties option.
  • Then, click on the Digital Signature tab and view if Intuit, Inc is already decided.
  • After that, click Details.
  • The details window will enable you to view the certificate.
  • Continue clicking on the Next until the Finish button arrives. Once it is displayed, click on it immediately.
  • Now, reboot your system and open QB,
  • See if there is a pending update of QuickBooks. In case, update your accounting software once again.

Method 2: Install Anti-Virus or Firewall

Installing a firewall and antivirus protects your system from harmful apps and unwanted access. To resolve the error, you need to set up your antivirus or firewall. Sometimes we terminate blocked firewalls, so make sure you have not blocked them.

Method 3: Access QuickBooks in Safe Mode

You will be surprised to know that Safe Mode includes Windows OS with a minimum number of drivers. It only uses the required drivers to load your system.

Simply Restart your System

Restart your system using the Start menu. If you cannot find the Start menu, it may be because your computer is not returning. You can additionally use the shortcut Alt + Ctrl + Del and select the Log Off option.

There is a chance that your system will not restart if you use the reset button available in your system. It will continue in 30 seconds.

For Windows 8 and Windows 7 Users

Step1: Access Windows Advanced Options by pressing F8 on your keyboard. A dialog box is requesting you whether you want to run safe mode or not? Once apparent, click Yes. If you have more extra computer in your system, use the arrow keys to select the operating system of your choice and then press F8.

Step 2: After clicking Safe Mode with Networking, select the OS to reboot the system and press Enter.

Step 3: As quickly as you log in, click Admin and access the administrator password.

Step 4: Then choose Yes, if you are assured of working in safe mode.

Step 5: Open QuickBooks and try the task repeat which failed. Now open QB and check if the error yet exists. If not, restart the system and your software will be error-free again.


The above-mentioned solutions have worked for most users. However, if these techniques failed for you, we can help you with it. Our professionals are available via our QuickBooks error support phone number to provide proper assistance for issues like QuickBooks error 15215, 15101 and more.

In case you have any recommendations or queries our QuickBooks Support team solves your all queries.

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