Income Of The Real Estate Agent

Every one of us is the employ of any company and we want to know about the income of every agent in the company. In this blog we want to inform you some of the basic tips to know about the salary of the real estate agent. We have search and collect the data for you to know about the income of the real estate agent.  Income of the real estate agent will be depend on the % also that how much % they are working for some of the agent work on 1% and some on 2% depend on the agreement what they had done between both of the party.

Working hours

When we work for any company its depend for working hour if we work for full time they will pay us accordingly and if we work as a part time then we get the salary as per that only. Some time the part time agent earn more than the full time agent, because real estate is the sales market and if one agent working on incentive base in that case how much flat they sale they will earn accordingly. 


Second thing is depends on the location if you are working in the metro city then your income will surely more than the agent who is working for the rural area. Because in rural area person will not get ready to pay the agent charges they will directly deal with the customer. When we talk about the agent who work in Noida location their salary will be low if we compare the agents who work in Gurugram


Every agent salary also depend on the time of experience you have if you have 2 or 3 year experience you have than in that case you will surely earn more comparatively to the 6 month experience agent.  Experience always matter because it will surely reflect in our work. We can easily check the difference in both of the agent that who is experience and who is not.

Market condition

Another thing which creates difference between the salaries of the justify is market condition, if the real estate market is booming then the salary will be high and if the market is low then the salary will also get down. 

Your company value in the market

Another thing which changes the real estate agent salary is the company market value of the company.  If your company having a known name in the market then you don’t need to worry about the salary package because they will surely provide you the more amount as compare to the new company in the market.

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Author by : Chetna Sharma is writing blog for the real estate website from last 2 year. I love to travel more and to see the whole world.

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