Know Everything about Changing Sod Prior to Selling the House

There are several points that homeowners must consider before they plan to sell their home. The most important things that you have to consider are painting the whole house, fixing interior and exterior problems, checking various house systems, repairing the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, drawing room, and dining room. But most importantly the front and back lawn must be well cultivated. 

Why Change Centipede Sod in Atlanta?

There are several reasons as to why homeowners must and should think over changing Centipede Sod in Atlanta prior to selling the house. Many people care about their lawns but are not passionate about it. For those people here are some explanations as to why they should take a keen interest in changing the sod. 

Attractive Curb

The very initial sight that the buyers come across is the curb or you can say the front lawn of the house. If the lawn of the house is in good shape then the buyers will show great interest in your house. A newly installed centipede sod has good green color and texture which looks very attractive and is excellent for your lawn.

Increase Financial Worth of House

A beautiful and well-maintained house is of more worth than one which has no physical attraction. An alluring landscape increases the financial value of the house. It has been noted that an average of 15% increase in the value of the house has been seen after the homeowners installed the new sod in the place of the old one. 

Help you in Better Maintenance

There are a lot of other things that the person has to think about when the process of selling a house is going on. So if the burden of many things is taken off from the mind then it can be good for the owner. When you install sod grass for the first time then you have to maintain it till it is fully grown. After that, you can set a schedule for watering and mowing according to the instructions of the company you have bought from.

The Environment Improves

It has been researched that one yard of sod grass has the capability to emit more oxygen than 10 fully grown trees. If you have children and pets in your house and there is not much foot traffic then this type of sod grass is ideal for the lawn.

One time Investment

A good quality sod that you buy from any reputed company like Atlanta Metro Sod; is an investment that is not only for one time but also it will save you the cost and time of sowing seed for grass and maintaining it for the rest of your life. 

Know these things when Changing Sod

Now as you have learned the explanations of why you have to install new sod; it is time to know everything when you are going to replace the sod on your front and back lawn. 

Keep in Mind the Reasons

It is crucial that you keep in mind the above-mentioned reasons as to why you have to replace the old sod with a new one. This will help you to make good decisions about the installation. If you think that the old sod is not worth keeping and is suffering from damages then you have to definitely change it. 

Pet Owners be Careful

All types of sod are affected by the presence of pets and the owners have to be cautious about the choice of sod. But some of the varieties have a good tolerance for pets and their problems. It is wise to select that sod grass which can resist more to the foot traffic and pets.

Which is the right area for Replacement?

It may happen that not all of the previously installed sod is damaged. Some of the patches of grass can be flawed but if the injury is extensive then replace the whole area; otherwise, you can buy sod grass in patches according to the measurements.

Do you really need to change it?

On several occasions the grass has a good texture and color and is not even damage; still, homeowners waste their money on installing new sod. Be very sure that you are aware of the right condition of the sod before replacing it. 

Have a fixed Budget

Preparing for selling the house in advance is a vital point that every house owner must do. There can be many financial obstacles that have to be faced, so if you want to overcome it then you have to make a strict budget and make sure that you stick to it till the end. You can do another thing that to keep a small amount in reserve; just in case the financial plan of action goes upset.

Choosing the Appropriate Time

The most appropriate time to reinstall Centipede Sod in Atlanta is the spring season. But early summer can also be chosen as most grass grows perfectly in these two seasons. The wrong timing of installation can cause serious problems which are very difficult to correct.

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