Port Blair: Your Entry to Paradise

Andaman at a glance

Andaman Islands are the perfect Indian escape for nature-loving, peace-seeking lot. With shimmering turquoise waters fringed by primeval jungle, sun-toasted silver beach sand, gorgeous landscape, and exciting water activities in Andaman with price that does not burn a hole in your pockets, the islands offer a unique platform to live your dream vacation and form the memories of a lifetime. With vivid combination of terrains and lifestyle, Andaman Island unravels a unique features of the ocean.

Adventure Activities in Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman Islands. It is a gateway to the rich expanse of nature and beauty. Picturesque surroundings when joined by adventure activities in Port Blair, the fun multi fold. Due to the variety of water sports, Andaman Islands are very famous among the thrill seekers. To name a few, these are the recreational activities that will surely allure the thrill-seekers;

Snorkeling: The colorful reefs let’s you ogle through the clear waters to showcase the beautiful diversity of marine life. You are throughout assisted while being equipped with all the tools required.

Scuba Diving: Right amidst the marine life, you explore the ocean. Swim besides the sea turtles, corals, star fish, along with others under the scrutiny and assistance of professionals.

Para Sailing: For all those non-swimmers who have always loved to enjoy water-based sports without swimming, this is a perfect option for you. Harnesses behind a speeding motorboat, you can feel the adrenaline rush with this combo of water and airborne adventure.

Jet Skiing: Standing out as the ace of water sports in Andaman, Jet skiing lets you lose the worries and monotony behind in the speed and air of the Andamans.

Under-sea walking, mangrove kayaking, swimming, fishing, glass-bottom boating, etc. are some more experiences you can easily indulge in. 

Rainforest Resort with its state-of-art amenities, contemporary settings, unmatched services, and warm accommodations, is a perfect way to set the right ethos for your vacation. And the activities in Andaman with price that will suit your budget are the add-on benefit that aids your stay. Nothing can be a greater inspiration to savour your soul in than this little rendezvous in India.

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