Spots to Visit Near Taj Mahal

Agra, the home of Taj mahal, in fact in recent years the travel enthusiasts unraveled many offbeat places in Agra. With new places being unraveled, it is worth your time by not seeing just Taj mahal and come back. Before Delhi, Agra was the seat of the Mughal emperor, who came to India to rule the provinces and went back home building beautiful monuments. Therefore, we shall explore the places to visit in Agra besides Taj mahal.

Agra Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage site, The Agra fort was built before Emperor Akbar took up the throne in the 15th century. During Akbar’s era, it was renovated using the red sandstone and took 8 years to complete it. Exploring the Agra fort gives you a glimpse of the Mughal emperor’s rule in their capital Agra. You can also get to see the iconic Taj mahal from the bird’s eye view. Agra Fort is the 2nd most popular place to visit after Taj mahal. 

Ticket prices: 600+INR for Foreigners and 40 INR for Indian.

Akbar’s tomb in Sikandra

Another site famous for its architecture, the Akbar’s tomb was started by Akbar himself and completed by his son Jahangir in the 16th Century. The tomb is inscribed with 99 names of Allah in the Persian language. The Akbar’s tomb is another example of the Mughal emperor’s fondness of building beautiful places. Later, it was ransacked by the Jats during the rule of Aurangzeb and damaged most of the interiors. However, during the British rule, General Lord Curzon has decided to protect the monument and rebuild it from the lost glory.

Ticket Prices: 210 INR for foreigners and 20 INR for Indians.

Fathepur Sikri

Fathepur Sikri known as “City of Victory” is an abandoned city built by Emperor Akbar to relocate their kingdom from Agra. Located in just 1-hour drive from Agra, The Fathepur Sikri was declared World UNESCO Heritage site after Agra fort and Taj mahal. Fathepur Sikri is an example of how planned cities, which were in the beginning stages of development, goes to the lowest point due to the negligence of Emperor Akbar.

Ticket Prices: 550 INR for foreigners, 40 INR for Indians and 20 INR for other SAARC Countries.

Itimad ud Daulah (Baby Taj)

Built by Nur Jahan, the wife of the emperor Jahangir, Itimad ud Daulah is built to commemorate Nur Jahan’s father. Built in the 16th Century, the Itimad ud Daulah is situated near the river Yamuna River, this tomb has similar carvings like marble decorations from Tajmahal, which in turn nicknamed as “Baby Taj”. Also known as, the Jewel Box, the Itimad ud Daulah tomb is built for Nur Jahan’s father Mirza Ghiyas Beg who was in exile. Mirza Ghiyas Beg came to fame as a person served by Akbar during the reign, later Akbar’s son Jahangir got an alliance with Nur Jahan.

Ticket Prices: 210 INR for foreigners and 20 INR for Indians.

Sheroes Hangout

A modern Café in Agra built for the welfare of the acid attack survivors; Sheroes hangout was built by the Delhi based NGO – Stop Acid Attacks. The main feature of this café is the survivors of Acid Attacks are working in this café by serving food and beverages. The main motto of this Café is to help Acid attack survivors come back to lead a normal life and not to feel ashamed by showing their burnt faces to the people. Another highlighting feature of this café is that there is no charge for serving food and drinks and instead customers were told to pay as their wish.

 Have you visited any places in Agra that is not on this list? Share your places in the comments below.

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