Things to carry while travelling to Thailand

Are you a wanderlust soul who loves to travel but packing gives you the most stress in this whole travel love? If your answer is yes, then probably your struggle is real. After all, nothing can be more miserable than the feeling of going to a foreign land and forgetting to pack an important document or leaving one of the essential stuffs back home. 

Moreover, when you are planning a vacation to a place as thrilling and exciting as Thailand, the struggle of packing all the right stuff becomes all the more real. As far as your question of what documents to bring to Thailand are concerned, it can be solved by packing passport, flight ticket, travel insurance, sim card and other important ones. 

But if you worried for the other important stuff that you need to pack, then worry no more because we are here for your aid. We have listed down some of the important and most need stuff which you must pack for your next vacation to Thailand. Continue reading!

  1. Carry slip on shoes

Instead of packing all those fashionable heels or shoes, it is better that you carry along slip on shoes. The reason why we are saying this is because once you are in Thailand you will have to remove your shoes a lot often, when entering someone’s house, going to a temple, visiting a café, eating at a restaurant or for that matter most of the other places too. So, unless you want to waste your time unlacing your shoes or sandals every time, make sure to carry a pair breathable slip on shoes along on your Thailand vacation. Try buying plastic jelly flats or slip on sandals because sometimes flip flops tend to slip in the rain and sneakers take forever to dry. 

  1. Pack at least two pair of swimwear 

You must already know that Thai islands are all about summer vibes. So, if relaxing or tanning on the beach is on your hit list on your Thailand vacation, then it is better that you pack two or more swimwear. After all, it surely does not feel great to travel around in a wet bikini or swim shorts, so it would be better for you to carry an alternative dry one to change into.  

  1. Pack a few warm clothes

In case you are planning to go for the famous jungle treks or hiking in the hilly countryside in Thailand, then you should be well prepared in advance to battle with the cold night. Even if you are not the adventurous kind and planning for such activities, but in your Thailand vacation you would definitely go visiting the amazing hills of North Thailand Packages. You must know that there during night it cools down to a level that the temperature drops down to 15-degree Celsius. So, beat the Thailand cold with a pretty hoodie, jacket or a warm jumper.

  1. Carry a rain jacket 

If your vacation to this amazing place clashes with Thailand’s rainy season, then make sure that you carry a rain jacket along. In Thailand the rain streak can carry consecutively for a couple of days even. So, during this season it is recommended that you must wear a light rain jacket all day every day to protect yourself from the harsh showers. 

  1. Take a bug spray and sunscreen 

A vacation to Thailand is incomplete without relaxing on the beach or going for a trek or a hike. Keeping the fun, thrill and excitement aside, there is no surprise in the fact that if you stay outdoors in jungles you must obviously be beware of the bugs and insects. Similarly, a day at beach will make you come in direct contact with harsh UV rays all day long. So, unless you wish the insects to feast on you or get a sun burn, it is better that you carry a bug spray and sunscreen along. Even though these things may be available there, but often tourists don’t prefer to buy them due to high prices. 

  1. Prepare a sturdy backpack 

No matter Thailand is a fun place for holidaying but you must always be a bit precautions and alert. So, to protect yourself from the unnecessary chaos of theft or any other problem, it is better that you are well prepared in advance by carrying a sturdy backpack. 

Moreover, a backpack will also help you easily carry all your important stuff at one place and keep them secure at the same time. So, while choosing your backpack you need to ensure that it is hard to rip or slit. It is better if it has a small hidden pocket inside and in case it is not there then surely clip your essentials inside the bag. 

If you are thinking that travelling to Thailand what do I need to do, then investing in a good back with a strong harness to prevent yourself from getting tired of carrying it all day long, is really an amazing choice. 

  1. Carry a power bank 

If you are a phone maniac who loves clicking dozens of pictures every day, has a lot of apps or uses their mobiles often and hence always complain of never having much battery, then you surely need to carry a power bank. 

During your stay at the hotel room, you may or may not get the chance to fully charge your phone and you definitely would not like to roam in a foreign country without a proper functioning phone. So, power banks are a must these days. 

Now that you have these few tips on the stuff you should pack for your vacation, you must wait no more and book one of the Thailand honeymoon packages soon!

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