Tips to Make your Home Winter-Ready and a New Year Ready in Ireland

Do you want to make your home winter-ready? Follow the tips:

Winters in Ireland are followed by long-awaited Christmas and New Year. All three add to your joy as you get a good time at home during the holiday period to gather memorable moments with your loved ones. Your fun can take a back seat if you are not well prepared for winters because winters in Ireland can be harsh and can restrict your mobility from your house even to places of utilities. You can continue enjoying your winter vacation time and make good use of it by preparing your home for winter before it sets in. To ensure that your home is winter-ready and gives you the warmth, coziness, and comfort desired in winters check for the following things in your home:

  • Inspect windows, doors, walls, and roofs of your house and cover the droughts or cracks as they are likely to make your home cooler. You can use drought excluders to cover the droughts. If the rains have left moss in drive-way, patios or any other part of your home, then get rid of it.
  • Another not to be missed step to prepare your home for winters of Ireland is insulating your house. You must also ensure that loft insulation is thick and in good condition.
  • Every heating equipment at home should be in proper working condition and correctly vented. Cleaning chimneys is also essential. Smoke alarms and Carbon monoxide monitors should be installed and working well. Fire extinguishers can also be kept at home.
  • Clean the windows of the house to allow sunlight to enter your home to the fullest.
  • Fill up your kitchen with non-perishable food which is also easy to prepare. Keep a big container in the kitchen for storing drinking water to have an uninterrupted supply. Fuel for cooking should also be stocked. Extra fuel for heating can be purchased just to have an alternative in case of the failure of the main power supply.
  • Stuff your first aid box with basic medicines and a few extras so that you can rest assured of handling minor medical issues even if it is difficult to make way to the pharmacy.
  • The emergency contact number should be handy and known to every family member.
  • Batteries and torches can be of great help if long power cuts are experienced. Additionally, bag a few candles and matches.
  • Shovel, a bag of salt, long boots, gloves are useful to clear the paths.
  • Insulation jackets or materials should be used to wrap the water tank.
  • Repair tap or valve leaks. Family members should be aware of how to turn off the water supply at every supply point.
  • Clean the gutters on your premises.
  • Winter-friendly furniture, furnishing and clothing turn out to be a blessing in the shivering months.
  • If you have plans to go out of your town in winters then you should leave your contact details and if possible, house keys too with your neighbors or a family member nearby.

Despite taking all measures to prepare your house for winters, your house may experience wear and tear due to storms. The risk of theft and other threats is also high in winters. As you must know that house insurance Ireland covers the insured party against all the threats faced by his house, it is worthy to buy full coverage under your home insurance Ireland policy because home insurance can prove very supportive if you face any financial loss due to damage to your home in winters. So, buy house insurance or renew your existing house insurance on time and winter-ready your home.

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