Understanding the Components of Your Phone iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone7 Parts

Smartphones have become an essential part of the booming IT era we are living in. There are so many new manufacturers coming up with smart phones ranging in low, medium as well as high price ranges with almost similar features in the low-end smart phones as the high-end ones.

Apple iPhones are known for their robust hardware and flawless performance. It’s always heard of that ‘Once you get used to an iPhone, it is very tough to go back to other manufacturers’, and this is because Apple Inc. has maintained the standards from the initial times when they actually introduced smartphones to the world.

What should you consider for maintenance of your iPhone 6,6s or 7?

Apple has mostly been on the higher-end phones because there is no compromise in quality and performance. There have been timely and regular updates as well as newer versions of the devices released. But in eventually, they are manufactured devices, accidents happen. 1 out of 5 iPhone users have complained about iPhone 7 screen repair, iPhone 6 screen replacements. Many users have also appreciated that they have been still using the older versions of iPhones for more than 5-6 years now. For a long-lasting smartphone and smooth performance, you need to have basic idea about the components of your phone. Below are some pointers which can help you:

  • Screen: The recent releases of iPhones like 6,6s and iPhone 7 have round edges rather than squared ones, which helps reducing the impact on your inner components if your phone falls. Always consider buying a safe case for your iPhone to prevent damage due to accidental falls and ending up with a cracked screen looking for iphone 6 screen replacement.
  • Battery: Most of smart phone users complain about the battery draining too fast. The phone performance has become sluggish. Most of us leave the phone connected to the supply overnight so that we can see the 100% charged indicator when we wake up in the morning. This is a bad practice and can affect your battery life. The best battery performance has been found when it is charged till 80% only. It is advised to use a dark or black wallpaper as it consumes lesser battery, also delete unnecessary high-performance apps for a smoother performance.
  • Software: iPhone is known for its stable OTA (over-the-air) software updates. The iOS platform brings out new functionalities with every update and even the devices released before 3-4 years like the iPhone 6,6s still receive regular updates. It is advised to install these updates only when stable versions are released from apple and not trying to sideload the updated OS onto your iPhones. Also do not connect your iPhones to every PC you find so that it is protected from viruses and malware which can affect your smart phone life.

What should you do in case of damages occurred?

It is natural for accidents to happen, there can be water damage, iphone screen repair, battery performance issues. There are many ‘Fix-it-yourself’ tutorials available over the internet. It is advised not to follow them as it may be easy to open it, but you should be able to patch your phone back up the same way. It is always advised to look for a cost-efficient and trustworthy service which can help fix your phone. In case of water damages, iFixed suggests switch of your phone immediately reducing chances of internal short circuits causing more damage and handing it over to iFixed technicians to take care of it further.

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