User-Generated Content and Its Use in Digital Marketing

User-generated content in social media is something like air in the environment. It is in bulk, free of cost and full of different types of content like natural gases that are useful for different purposes.

The only difference is, our environment is becoming deficient of the useful one, whereas social media is getting abundant of useful content i.e. visuals.

Yes, the curation and moderation of UGC is a difficult task, but technology, as well as Nature itself, comes out with a solution for every problem either earlier or later.

We’ll focus on the solution later, first let us understand the main subject of this article i.e. UGC or user-generated content.

What is user-generated content?

Well technically, user generated content or UGC is something that is created by social media users with no commercial intentions. The best thing about UGC is that the creator itself doesn’t know how useful it could be later for any brand?

Social media aggregators and digital marketing are the main reasons behind its unexpected worth.

Once the social media aggregators come into the role, it becomes easy to utilize UGC and extract something unexpected from it. Since there are multiple benefits of UGC for the event organizers and the eCommerce brands as well, it is becoming one of the hottest stuff in the digital marketing world.

Let us put some contrast on the abilities of UGC specifically in the case of digital marketing and user-engagement. 

How UGC helps in digital marketing by improving user engagements on the website?

Digital marketing for a business is all about promoting it online. And we will be hitting up social media straight because there is no other better platform for this purpose. 

For any brand, social media presence is crucial for profitable marketing. Once a brand starts performing well in a social media network, a number of profit-giving doors open with it.

There are multiple social media networks, and so the aggregators in the market that can aggregate UGC from them. Once it is done, UGC can be utilized to showcase the brand’s global recognition. For every product, a relevant visual can be attached as an example to it.

Having original content as an example of a product looks very engaging to the audience. People start exploring a website that has something loyal and original to show. They start spreading convincing word-of-mouth and subsequently there is an increase in user engagement on a website.

Apart from this, UGC also benefits in decreasing the bounce rate. Find out how-

How UGC can decrease the bounce rate?

We have already understood why UGC is so engaging, now it is the moment to understand how it decreases the bounce rate of a website?

For some of you, it might not require an explanation now, but the article is written keeping beginners in mind, and thus, a basic level of explanation becomes necessary in it.

So, we’ll start with the meaning of the ‘bounce rate’ and further proceed towards the effects of UGC on it.

‘Bounce rate’ is actually the frequency of such users that are bouncing or exiting from your website just after they are entering into it. This ultimately tells you that something might be wrong with the website content.

The created visual content inside your website might be not so engaging or the audience is finding it ordinary. Whereas, UGC comes as a remedy to this. User-generated content is considered as the best content you can display to engage the audience. It makes the content of the website more dwell-able, engaging, and worth looking into. Ultimately reducing the bounce rate of a website by keeping the audience more engaged than ever before.

How it increases brand trust?

UGC is something that is completely generic, raw, and naturally imposed. And when something is natural, people tend to believe it more readily. And this is the basic concept behind the brand trust-building by UGC.

For in-depth knowledge, when an eCommerce brand embeds its user-generated content from social media networks into its business website, it showcases its social presence to its random website visitors.

When the visitors see the global audience using the brand products, ‘people trust what people see’ logic comes. And that builds the brand more trustworthy as it is showing the real audience and not the paid or created content for its products.

UGC and its other benefits

As we’ve said earlier, that UGC has many benefits to shower, but discussed the business and website oriented ones in-depth only. Now is the time when we should also go through the other benefits of it shortly.

The other benefits are- 

  • It saves you from content creation with money and time simultaneously.
  • It shows your social presence and global recognition.
  • UGC increases the dwelling time of your website users. 
  • By improving the dwelling time, UGC also improves your SEO and SERP ranking.

There are many other use-cases of UGC as well, that we’ll discuss in any other article, by just mentioning them in words as it should be worth reading this article for the reader.

  • UGC can be displayed on social walls.
  • UGC can be embedded in an eCommerce website through embedding code.
  • UGC can be embedded in a non-eCommerce website through embedding code or plugins.
  • UGC can be displayed on social walls through digital signage solutions like SCREENCLOUD, MVIX digital signage, ENPLUG, Signage Live, Novisign, Rise Vision, Scala, etc.


Any business and its website fundamentally consist of the products and the services it offers. If anything else than the examples, testimonials, and customer feedback are the one which could be possibly there. 

Assume that, how great it would be if all the brand-related valuable content including quality visuals, comments and customer feedback on social media posts, and testimonials, which collectively called UGC, can be managed from a single point of operation?

Social media aggregators like Taggbox are the ones who can do so. They not only aggregate the UGC but also moderate it for further use. An ideal UGC aggregator like Taggbox allows personalization and offers multiple dynamic options like customizing the UGC with themes and font styles.

It offers the shortest update time of live UGC feeds for the latest content availability and best user engagement. It is up to you now to whether hustle with the traditional ways of digital marketing or employ a smart social media aggregator and increase user engagement through it.

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