Want to Leverage Social Media for Event Marketing? Here’s How to Do It!

Organizing an event is nothing less than finding a needle in a haystack. It requires the utmost planning and promotion to make people show up. Gone are the days when we used flyers, advertisements, mail invites to invite people. It’s a world of social media and event marketing on social media is a recent thing that is gaining popularity. Utilizing the power of social media for promoting your event is easy and highly effective. It makes the audience aware of the event and have greater chances of them turning up to the event too.

Here are some of the best ways to leverage social media for events or using social media for event marketing:

1.    Event Page

If you are on , you would be well familiar with the events page. You would often be receiving notification of events happening here and there seeking your confirmation too. So, if you are looking or organizing an event, the first step to seek an audience is through creating a event page.

Make sure the title of your Event explains the event in a few words. For example, if it’s related to computer programming, mention the hackathon in your title. An eye-catching and interesting title can lure your audience’s interest instantly.

2.    Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing ways as moving images provide a far greater influence in the audience’s minds. Sharing and commenting on videos for events enables the business to confirm its attendees and make others join in too.

A video teaser is yet another event marketing technique that can be used to invite your audience’s attention and keep them excited about what’s coming. A video teaser could include a small recap of a similar event you organized last year. If it’s your first event, create a quick small video on the day of the event.

3.    Running Hashtag Campaigns

You don’t know what a hashtag campaign is? No worries it is not too difficult to understand and execute. All you do is create a unique hashtag related to your event that can be just your company’s initials too. Use this hashtag in each of your posts on , or Instagram. Also, involve your followers in doing the same by running a hashtag camping. This would create user-generated content. Ask your followers to use this hashtag in their written posts or images by sharing their experiences, reviews and feedback.

But before all of this, make sure the hashtag you created is up to mark, is short, simple and self-explanatory.

4.    Collaborate with Influencers

If you are on Instagram, you will be well aware of the word influencers. If you follow some of the top-rated bloggers and their feed, influencers and collaboration should be nothing new for you. Approaching such personalities and even CEO’s, directors or public speakers can leverage your event. Call them up for brand partnership, invite them in the event to speak up, run a workshop or conference are few of the ways to enlarge your audience and maximize your reach. Collaborating with influencers also make an event interesting, informative, and worth attending.

5.    ads

After you have created the Event page through your business account, it’s time to widen its reach by providing a little push to it through Ads. To make sure that the Event page reach the maximum of people, use Ads wisely. Spend a little and allow Ads to make your Event page reach the right audience, connects with the audience surrounding the event location and in other ways.

You can also save yourself spending too much on Ads by increasing your relevance score.

6.    Stream live

You can also connect to your online audience while the event is going on by live streaming on Instagram or . You can make your live streaming interesting by connecting it with the social wall like an Instagram hashtag wall too. Carry out real-time Q&A sessions, discussions and indulge in a fun conversation with your audience through social media stories and live videos too.

Stream live when you are interviewing the influencers, throw out random interesting questions to your audience to increase interaction and engagement. In short, record everything interesting going on during the event and stream live.

7.    Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves to witness the chaos and fun behind the scenes. Show your followers the scenes of behind the cameras as everyone is gearing up for the event. This surely interests most of the audience and would love to stay connected with you.

Showing behind the scenes activity builds trust among followers towards the brand, can connect with them better and reveals the fun the employees have while working with the company.

Additionally, make your event a photogenic event with bright lightning, photo booths, easy access to shooting pictures from different angles and such. This will enable attendees to post photos of your event on social media and create a social buzz about it.

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